Kunshan open space framework

It was apparent that with the advent of the Ring road project that there was no overall framework for Kunshan Open Space System to be able to determine or inform the integration of the road with the urban fabric.


kunshan ringroad open space strategy

 Using the Open Space Framework iPD was then able to identify opportunities and constraints at each interface with open space, water system and infrastructure, develop an appropriate short and long term strategy to direct the design of the landscape reserve along the road.


kunshan NANSONG Lake masterplanning

Nansong Lake High-tech Ecological Park Master Planning - Kunshan is a typical urban model of the city rapid grow by attracting manufacture industry. It is facing challenges such as the shrinking and fragmentation of green spaces and ecosystems, water and air pollution, and the physical and mental issues due to the lack of green spaces.

kunshan Shuangyang Lake masterplanning

Shuangyang Lake Park is located at the intersection of urban and traditional water towns. It is also a significant node on the ring of Kunshan suburbs wetland. The design through contemporary expression that to interpret the cultural elements and connotations of Jiangnan water village and agricultural landscape.