client: KETD

landscape dept.

area: 48 ha

completion: in progress

Kunshan is a city in transformation. The city is a leader in water sensitive urban design, which has recently gained momentum with the implementation of the principles of a ‘Sponge City,’ which seek to improve water retention and quality. The concept of a ‘Sponge City’ is closely tied to the broader principles of sustainable cities, which address the bigger challenges of energy, recycling and socioeconomic conditions. Qianjin Road is one of the major roads in Kunshan, traversing the city from East to west and ultimately linking to Suzhou and Shanghai. The landscape design for the eastern portion therefore presents a major opportunity to establish a paradigm and showcase for future landscape design that incorporates the principles of “green infrastructure” in line with ecological principles prescribed for sponge/sustainable cities. iPD’s landscape concept encapsulates two ideas, firstly to create a green infrastructure and secondly to create an iconic streetscape that will provide both an exciting setting as well as establishing a vibrant and dynamic urban corridor to improve shopping, working and living in Kunshan.