client: KCID

area: 25 ha

completion: 2012

Lotuslake Park celebrates the importance of water and music in the Kunshan community through landscape expression. The goal is to represent the historic significance of canals, the canal village, aquaculture practices, and Kun opera in a contemporary interpretation that aims to extol the achievements, influences, skills, and charms of these traditions. Installations educate, excite, and entice visitors of all ages to participate through interactive installations and facilities.

 Our designers capture these requirements in a landscape that is contemporary, dramatic and sculptural in its use of water, landform and planting arrangements – making extensive use of the double-headed lotus, a flower that Kunshan is renowned for. Floating tanks on the lake showcase aquatic plants, fish and the famous ‘hairy crab’, a delicacy that attracts many to Kunshan each year. Iconic landforms allow visitors to appreciate the typology of the landscape. These design elements provide an aesthetic and spatial experience for the city to celebrate all that is dear to the community. This process aids cultural awareness and pride for the new generations of Kunshan residents.