AREA: 2.5HA 


The apartments at Wulin Palace are a haven of tranquillity in an otherwise hectic urban environment. iPD was responsible for a residential landscape that reflects and caters to the outdoor social and lifestyle needs of the city while creating a pleasant and attractive environment. Together with the client, we aimed to create a unique resort-residential lifestyle in the inner city with a strong emphasis on programs and facilities to suit the urban family. Diverse spaces of varying intimacy and character allow for solitude, play, exercise, intimate socializing and larger gatherings. Reflection ponds, cascades and streams cool the spaces in summer, while stone and fire features warm spaces in winter for year-round appreciation. Because of Hangzhou’s West Lake and tea farming, the Wulin Palace landscape finds its design metaphor from floating leaves causing concentric ripples on a calm water surface. Each building entrance features its own garden style serving to recognize different preferences and styles while establishing a personal connection with home.