client: KINGFAR

area: 3ha.

completion: 2016

The name Shan‘xi means ‘the land west of Shan’, and it refers to the present day province of China. Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi, is one of the four historical capitals of China and is located at a key intersection for trade and cultural exchange. iPD’s design sought to integrate the Civic Plaza with the wider district fabric to establish a seamless new city centre. We created a cultural/retail/government and commercial axis to link the development to the major sports park axis. This further established a link to the central plaza and subway.

In hoping to create a significant new city centre, our design goals were to break from the historic Xian character to establish a new direction for the culture and history; a new direction to generate activity and attraction, a new direction to provide convenience and program and a new direction to engage with ecology and nature.