client: KCID

area: 7.7 ha

completion: 2015

YCL Waterfront completes the landscape improvement along the South area of Yangcheng Lake. Together with Maanshan Park, Wetland Park and the Organic Farm the waterfront creates a unique destination. The park creates the gateway from Suzhou, and the water plaza and information centre establish visitors’ first impressions of Kunshan. Our priority was to create an ecological character and function, including with riparian vegetation, the creation of bird habitat along the stream and a nesting island and bird watching enclosure adjacent to the lake. A central water plaza provides a tranquil and secluded resting place with a view towards the feature bridge, canal and nesting island. Along the waterfront a sloping picnic mound and a ‘view hill’ provides elevated views of the lake, a unique experience due to the level conditions elsewhere. The park seamlessly integrates the surrounding residential areas and the new barbeque area, and the sunken waterfront restaurant joins the adjacent park into a cohesive design. This section of the waterfront provides a key linkage in the bicycle route connecting the Crab Restaurant Village to the hotel and the Cultural Village further north.