Wulin Palace

The apartments at Wulin Palace are a haven of tranquillity in an otherwise hectic urban environment. iPD was responsible for a residential landscape that reflects and caters to the outdoor social and lifestyle needs of the city while creating a pleasant and attractive environment.



Art as in Art Mansion – we trying to create an artistic landscape, something exciting, fresh and new.



We are trying to create a livable, an edge where inside and outside is very blur. A landscape gives you privacy but also gives you open group community facilities.  


Liwang (xuan)Neio1 RESIDENTIAL

Rongxin Yuanyang Liwang (Xuan) NEO1 is located at the intersection of Moganshan Road and Sanbao West Road in the Gongshu District of Hangzhou. This is a rare opportunity given that there is limited construction in this historic district.


Kangju community presents a new paradigm for water sensitive community landscape development. 


Zhejiang Residential

Zhijiang residential is located in Hangzhou, near the iconic Xihu Lake and Zhijiang tourism area. For this project, iPD created an indoor and outdoor gallery venue which the visual and spatial prompts for a creative and inspirational experience. 




Fantasia Community

At the intersection of design principles and various levels of elevation and slope, we propose a lifestyle of “LOHAS” for the target client. This lifestyle celebrates a natural, healthy, and sophisticated attitude with attention to the environment and health, advocating sustainable development.


Buena Vista

Buena Vista, on the mountain slopes above Boan, incorporates infrastructure elements with a formative impact on the landscape character. iPD saw this as an opportunity to establish an overall planning and design framework the reflected this integrated landscape character – creating a unique place through a creative design approach.


Vanke Gouzhuang Residential

The residential development is part of a larger community comprising a retail street and canal waterfront open space. 



Wuxi R&F No.10 Community

Suzhou Guchu Community

Wuxi Vanke Community

Hangzhou Joyon Mountain Green

Hangzhou SINO Community

Hangzhou Xinhu Shang Ri La