Qianjin Road

Qianjin Road is a planned road, in expectation of the community to come. It was designed to function as the main artery to service the western district of Kunshan. Projecting the trends of transportation development (BRT, light rail, bicycle) and considering other benchmarks for successful community based roads, iPD set out to create an environment that can become a place where social functions can be restored and the road can once more be a vibrant place.


Jaize Streetscape

Huahai Boulevard is the new central north and south road in Jiaze, connecting the developing agriculture park, nursery market, and international rose garden. 



The landscape design for the eastern portion therefore presents a major opportunity to establish a paradigm and showcase for future landscape design that incorporates the principles of “green infrastructure” in line with ecological principles prescribed for sponge/sustainable cities. 



The design focused mainly on the creation of an interconnected ecological and functional landscape. Parks were designed to provide habitat for birds and to take water from adjacent canals and improve water quality with treatment wetlands.